The management of portfolios, programs and projects is the management of the lifeblood of many organizations. It plays an important role in any organization. Poorly conceived and/or managed programs have doomed many companies. PMI’s PgMP® standards provide a structure and checkpoints to help ensure success. The Program Management Professional (PgMP)® credential from Project Management Institute (PMI)® is the next step after Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification, and addresses the community of professionals who are responsible for the coordinated management of multiple projects that are in alignment with organizational objectives. They are required to direct and manage complex activities that may span functions, organizations, cultures and geographies.

The 3 tops reasons to consider obtaining the PgMP Certification are:

  1. Natural Progression. Program management is a natural progression for experienced project managers. As you lead larger and multiple related projects with moving parts, you are embarking on the road toward program management.
  2. Competitive Differentiator. The PgMP certification is still rare, – there are only about 3,000 in the world today, and this is over an 8 year period after the formal introduction of the certification. Certified program management professionals immediately command attention, in your company and at professional events.
  3. Career Growth. For up and coming project professionals, the shift from managing tactical projects to higher strategic initiatives is a vitally important move. The PgMP certification would further solidify your project management acumen and your readiness to tackle the next level of challenges.

The target groups for the PgMP Certification are:

  • Senior project managers and directors who are leading large and complex organization initiatives
  • PMO managers who are managing large projects with the imperative of developing a more program perspective
  • Up and coming project professionals who are ready to take reign of larger projects and programs

We also have seen a high number of senior operational professionals who are involved in leading and operating transformation projects and programs in their organizations.

This course will prepare attendees to become a certified PgMP professional by covering the exam and teaching key skills through hands-on practice. It is the only course oriented to European audience – in geographical availability, language selection, time window for F2F consultations and, last but not least, psychological specifics. It is personally led by one of first PgMP certified managers in Europe, Igor Luhan, PgMP, PMP. He is absolutely not a teacher detached from real life, but Program and Project Manager for last 30 years. He already prepared several project managers for certification using special teaching methodology based on discussions with students confronting student´s own experience with the standard.

We bundle the largest PgMP test bank known in existence with over 2,000 questions. We also provide support until PgMP test is successfully passed. The course is based on discussion with students binding his/her own experience with the know-how of the standard. It is combined with our consulting war stories, tools, and techniques. The benefits for participants are immense as they are receiving both real-time instructor-led training combined with the flexibility of eLearning.

We offer three delivery methods:

  1. Virtual Campus: is provided for at least 3 up to 8 students, which will mutually agree time frame and time window when they will regularly meet via WEB conference. Based on presentation students will prepare, they meet and discuss their real experience. They discuss together and with certified PgMP professional – instructor . The instructor takes care on mobilization of students to prepare for each session – defines topics and questions which will be discussed. Due to practical reasons the preferred format is to take one 2-hours session once a week for approximately 25 weeks (50 hours totally). This arrangement is posible for preparation for the exam in parallel with regular job. This proved to be most effective way leading to successful certification for overloaded program managers.
  2. In House-In-person: In addition to the virtual option, sessions are provided with a certified instructor who guides in the knowledge and skills required to obtain certification. Special class is provided for your organization or group of at least 3 up to 8 students. At a time to be agreed it will pass in our Training Center or remotely anywhere at Your promises.
  3. Access 24X7: is intended specifically for those prepared by themselves, convinced that they are ready for the test, and asking only to discover and supplement gaps if any. It is based on our PgMP test bank with over 2,000 questions serving to discover any gaps in preparation. It is 12 hours of real-time, PgMP certified instructor-led sessions via web conference in real-time, which may be combined with self-assesment by repeated test simulation.

Limiting the number of participants is due to presumption of good discussion. The team needs to be big enough for the discussion to be interesting and small enough for the individual approach of the trainer.

Each student obtains:

  • Interaction with live instructor – one of first PgMP certified in Europe;
  • Preparation Guides;
  • Huge PgMP Exam Simulator (test bank) for unlimited number of tests;
  • E-mail support after the sessions;
  • Accompaniment until the exam;
  • Registration as a member of the PMI® (if not member yet) and access to PMI® standards;
  • Registry support in the exam.

The course is taught in English, Russian or Czech language, with the terms in English.

We can also assist with application review for our customers. Important: This is a resource-intensive service, and we offer it in the scope of our Access 24×7 service only.

Certification exam fee is not included in the cost of the course. We support you to register. The certification exam costs $800 for a PMI® member.

Price and dates of the preparatory course

The basic price is €1350 per person plus VAT according to country of student residence. The following options exist:

  1. For Virtual campus the basic price apply, please. Reduced bundle with Access 24×7 is for €2050.
  2. For In-house-in-person the basic price may be modified by negotiation, depending on number of attendees, place and other conditions.
  3. For Access 24×7 the basic price apply, please. Reduced bundle with Virtual campus is for €2050.

Due to the exam specifics, the approach to PgMP preparation is highly individual. Please inform us if you are interested in participating in the Virtual Campus and we will try to moderate the search of the suitable date with other interested students. Use our contact here.