Ensuring an steady consumption of produced thermal energy is of indisputable economic importance to its producer. Therefore, a number of contracts with large customers also include penalties, for exceeding takes-off, even short-term . However, in order to be eligible for penalties, over consumption must be detected and recorded.

On this page you will find a description of the device that records the amount of energy consumed. The cost of a recording device is close to or even lower than that of a traditional recorder, but it offers a number of operational advantages over it. The economic return on the equipment is extremely short and can only be a few months.

The recording device is based on a industrial computer equipped with slots for plug-in measuring or communication cards. From the programmers point of view the device is fully compatible with PC. Several consumption locations are monitored simultaneously in each recording device. The signal from the meter monitoring the instantaneous amount of energy consumed is supplied in analogue or digital form to a recording device which monitors and pre-evaluates it. When sampling is low, samples are recorded on the storage medium at long intervals. As the demand increases to the specified limit value, the recording is condensed. If the limit value is exceeded, both the date and time of the exceedance and of returning to the normal consumption and the maximum consumption are recorded. Data is recorded on a floppy disk in MS-Windows format, so it can be processed on a personal computer by standard spreadsheets (time profile, power consumption, maximum consumption, total time of collection limit exceeding, etc., but also the possibility of direct connection to billing).

Capacity of the storage medium is sufficient for several months of recording and is easier to replace than the paper in the recorder. If the recorded data are to be available immediately, the device may be equipped with a modem (for data transmission via a conventional telephone network) or a radio modem (wireless data transmission ).

Schematické znázornění měřicího systému

Since all recordings are program-controlled, the recording and pre-evaluation method can be customized to specific requirements (eg. for seasonal or temporal variability of the sampling diagram). The supplier of the recording equipment prepared programs (macros) for evaluation on the PC. This evaluation is prepared exactly according to customer requirements. If the supply point is not equipped with a suitable measuring instrument, the recording equipment can receive data directly from the physical quantity sensors (temperature, flow rate), or a new registration point can be created directly (including sensor mounting).

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