• desktop computer with DOS and Windows operating system, 3 serial lines, mouse,
  • measuring system for measuring 11 voltages in the range of 20 to 100mV (temperatures after treatment),
  • measurement of 1 channel in range 0 to 5V (humidity),
  • relay switch for switching measurement mode, inputs etc.

System description

The standard Pentium desktop computer is equipped with an AD14 multimeter board measuring 16 channels with 14-bit accuracy (0.006%) and a maximum frequency of 250,000 measurements/sec. Its advantage is relatively high immunity against disturbances of mains voltage (50Hz) – it uses a sigma-delta converter, which is more resistant than standard converters. The program averages several measurements to increase accuracy and durability. The 16-relay relay switch, type EfcDIN 785, is controlled by the AD14 board gate. Ballast resistance is measured with an existing Metex multimeter.

Custom-made program controls fully automatic long-term light tests, including evaluation and printing of a report according to the relevant EN standard.


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