The basis of the system is an industrial PC collecting data from 3 acceleration sensors mounted on a manikin moving on a trolley braked in a defined stopping path simulating a vehicle impact. At the same time, the deceleration of the trolley is measured using an optical sensor and a comb with notches of defined length. The carriage speed is thus converted to a pulse length measurement as the carriage moves. Another measured value is the maximum inclination of the manikin during the braking distance of the trolley – a static quantity measured after impact. The system software is based on the standard EfLab program with custom modifications.

  • dynamic measurement of analog signals,
  • dynamic pulse length measurement – trolley deceleration,
  • combination of dynamic and static measurement.
Measured units:

(stated accuracy of measurement is over the whole measuring chain, including sensors)

UnitNo. of channelsResolutionAccuracySampling
acceleration (x, y, z)30.01%0,5%10 kHz
displacement of the manikin11 mm0,5%
starting speed10.25 km/h0,5%
trolley deceleration 10.000 1 

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