We delivered a complete measuring system based on the modular industrial kit MIC-2000 to complete the brake station in the engine testing room. The system automatically collects data, including evaluation, calculation of motor parameters, and output of measurement reports. The system is based on the standard measuring program EfLab from our company.


  • comprehensive measurement of motor parameters in static and dynamic modes using the analog counter and two-value inputs,
  • calculations of motor parameters,
  • complete automation of measurement managing external controller.

 Measured units:

UnitNo. of channelsResolutionAccuracySampling
Torque10,06 Nm 0,25%10Hz
Engine speed11 rot/min0,02%10Hz
Low Temperatures (Pt100)4±0.5oC 0,2% 10Hz
High temperatures (thermocouples)4±1oC0,5%10Hz
Barometric pressure10,5%0,5%10Hz
Air humidity10,1%1%
Exhalation of CO, CO2, NOx20,01%
Smoke rate10,01%
Air consumption10,5%0,5%10Hz
Fuel consumption1
Controlled units:
UnitNo. of channelsStepAccuracyRange
Engine speed15 mV0,1% 0 to 20V
Torque15 mV0,1%0 to 10V
Fuel throttle position15 mV0,1%0 to 10V

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