This system is for measurement of a wide range of quantities, such as:

  • analog voltage measured by isolated channels,
  • low and high voltage,
  • thermocouple temperature measurement,
  • measurement of pulse width (PWM) modulated signal 200Hz and 400 Hz,
  • generation a pulse width modulated signal,
  • and binary output.

This measurement suits distributed CANSAS technology. The measuring modules are interconnected with CANbus, and the whole system can be connected to a local Ethernet network.

The FAMOS software is installed on the control computer and used to analyze and display measured data. It is used worldwide in tens of thousands of licenses. The program enables both real-time data analysis and post-evaluation. Of course, there is also comprehensive support of the outputs in a protocol.

The whole measuring system is placed in a case that protects it from environmental influences. The case is equipped with connectors that enable standardized connection of various measured quantities. Its appearance is on the picture.

Měřicí moduly v kufru

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