The measuring and control system for glass furnace models is based on PC technology. It is a precise temperature measurement with thermocouples and continuous temperature control in the furnace using external sources controlled by analog outputs of the system. Program controllers incorporated in the standard measuring program EfLab are used for regulation.

  • accurate temperature measurement with thermocouples
  • continuous regulation of glass furnace temperature
  • Program controlled temperature
 Measured units:
UnitNo. of channelsResolutionAccuracySampling
Temperature96 ±0,2oC 0052%100Hz
Heating Supply Voltage (AC)1020 mV AC0,1%
Heating current1010 mA AC0,1%
Controlled units:
UnitNo. of channelsStepAccuracyRange
Heating supply voltage250 mV0,5% 0 to 100V AC
Switching the heating mode32

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