This is measuring system for evaporative cooling tests within the extensive international project ATLAS. The measuring system is based on the modular industrial kit MIC-2000. The system controls heating of the sample by measuring a set of temperatures, pressures and flow rates. The standard EfLab program from our company is used for data collection, on-line calculations during measurement and control of sample heating via relay outputs.

  • modular system
  • static measurement on multiple analog and counter channels
  • temperature control of the sample
 Measured units:
UnitNo. of channelsResolutionAccuracySampling
Temperature64 ±0,2oC 0,2%100Hz
Pressure160,5% 0,5%100 Hz
Liquid flow40,5% 0,5%
Controlled units:
UnitNo. of channelsAccuracyRange
Temperature10,5% 50oC
Coolant valves2

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