An automotive relay tester is a dedicated device based on PC measuring technology. The tested relay is powered by a controlled 20V DC / 200mA power supply with defined ascending and descending jumps. The device evaluates the voltage and current of the relay switch on and off. The standard universal program EfLab from our company was supplied to control the whole test.

  • static voltage and current measurement
  • control of the measured object
 Measured units:
UnitNo. of channelsResolutionAccuracySampling
Relay coil supply voltage15 mV0,1%10Hz
Current through the relay coil1 0.025 mA 0,1%10 Hz
Controlled units:
UnitNo. of channelsStepAccuracyRange
Relay coil supply voltage110 mV0,1%0 to 20V

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