This measuring system for glass machines is based on PC measuring technology. It solves dynamic measurement of transients as well as long-term static measurement. The system measures data from temperature, pressure, and position sensors via the analog inputs of the measuring card and angular positions from the IRC sensor via a special measuring card. The standard universal program EfLab from our company is used for data collection, evaluation, and visualization.

Measured values are (note: accuracy of measurement is over the whole measuring chain, including sensors):

UnitNo. of channelsResolutionAccuracySampling
temperature5 0,5oC 0,5%10 kHz
pressure4 0,01% 0,5% 10 kHz
position6 0,01% 0,5% 10 kHz
acceleration2 0,05m.s-2 0,5% 10 kHz
angular position2 0,5o 0,1%

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