The system is designed for measuring parameters of small pumps of output up to 10kW. It is a combined measurement of static and dynamic measurement. Two measuring boards are used in the system: PCL860 for static and very accurate measurements, and PCL818L for dynamic current measurements. Standard measuring program EfLab is used for data collection, processing, and presentation.

EfLab - univerzální měřicí program

EfLab is a universal measuring program from our company. In this application it is used for measuring of the following signals:

  • 3 channels of AC current measurement
  • 3 channels of AC voltage measurement
  • active and reactive power measurement (100W DC or 120W to 11 kW AC)
  • 12 temperature measurement channels (8 thermocouples and 4 Pt100)
  • 1 channel measuring the rotor speed of the compressor
  • Measurement of airflow in the ranges of 6 m3/h, 20 m3/h, 100 m3/h and 300 m3/h
  • 6 channels of pressure measurement in the range up to 15 atm
  • 4 channels of relative humidity measurement

The program offers an unlimited number of virtual channels. The value of each is based on computation from measured signals as well as from other virtual channels.

The system was supplied on a turnkey basis including sensors, installation, and operator training.

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