Measuring system for measuring injection pressure sequence in Bosch injection pumps. The system measures speed and pressure at several locations. The waveforms can be displayed (as on an oscilloscope), and their dependencies, for example, on the speed, can be evaluated.

Measurement required

  • pressure at the pump,
  • injection pressure,
  • needle position.

These values ​​are measured dynamically with a resolution of at least 0.1 angular degrees of cam position. It is also necessary to monitor and measure, albeit with a much lower frequency (approx. once every 3 seconds):

  • pump temperature,
  • injection temperature,
  • pressure and temperature of the suction medium (these two variables need not always be measured).

Last but not least, it is necessary to sense the position of the excitation cam (lobe) and the so-called “zero mark”, i.e., the pulse exactly once per revolution.


The following signals are measured dynamically (sampling is external, from the excitation cam position sensor):

  • pump pressure,
  • injection pressure,
  • needle position,
  • zero mark position.

Statically, the following signals are measured using the multifunctional measuring card:

  • pump temperature,
  • injection temperature,
  • the pressure of the suction medium,
  • the temperature of the suction medium,
  • speed (i.e., pulse frequency from excitation cam position sensor).

Measuring Program

The program starts by entering basic measurement information. Clicking the button Evaluate older data switches to the evaluation mode of data already measured. Otherwise, the program goes to measurement. A large graph is displayed showing the measured dependence. So far, this chart is empty. The window is equipped with several adjusting elements, which set the zero position of the cam relative to the position of the zero sensor mark, select the displayed part of the trace, and the number of injections measured.

Set of digital displays shows values continuously measured (approx. once per 2 seconds):

  • pump temperature,
  • injection temperature,
  • suction medium pressure (if measured),
  • the temperature of the suction medium (if measured),
  • speed.

The start button is used to start the measurement. Pressing the button starts the recording of dynamic signals. After the measurement finishes, measured data are displayed in the graph (both pressures and needle position), and the appearance of the measuring window changes slightly. Four other buttons replace the start button: further injections, new revolutions, again, evaluation.

Pressing the next injection button causes additional injections to be measured (number of injections may be selected). Pressing the button again returns the program to the pre-measurement state; that means the values measured for a given speed are forgotten. Pressing the new speed button causes the program to memorize the measured injections and prepare for the measurement at the changed speed. Pressing the evaluation button memorizes the measured injections and switches the program to evaluation mode for evaluation and printout of reports.

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