The tests are carried out at a number of sites, mostly independently of each other. Each system manages one type of test – including pressure, force and displacement measurement at all assigned sites, their display in graphs and in numerical way, monitoring of the test time and following the set limits keeping. The system archives the data, supports calibration of the entire measuring chain, etc.
Measuring programs SMYK and TRIAX were created, as well as driver for measuring board. Another program is for creating diskette with selected data sets from tests and also one program for archiving.

Programs were implemented in TestPoint environment supplemented by modules in Borland Pascal (reading and writing the INI file, data formatting, etc.).  

Measuring programs SMYK and TRIAX

These are basic programs that provide sample measurement at one location. The programs work in MS-Windows environment and are installed in one computer as many times as the computer operates the measuring stations. Depending on the location, they differ from each other by the icon description. Each installation of these programs has the settings stored in its own directory, in this directory it also stores information about data measured so far, which is used in case of power failure. Because all installations share one measurement technology, a specific measurement card driver had to be created. Measurement requirements and measured data are passed between the program installation and the driver. Similarly, a printer for printing measured values ​​is shared by all installations.

Activity of the programs

Programs run sequentially in a fixed sequence of steps. First, the values ​​of the input variables are entered, then the sensor operation is checked, only after start is manually entered. After this, actual measurement starts, settings are archived in own directory, and values ​​are gradually stored in the data directory. After the measurement finished, the option to delete the measured data is followed. Otherwise, setting from last measurement is filled in the values ​​to be filled in, and the operator only has to modify these values if needed.

After restarting the programs after a power failure, after entering the values and checking the sensors, measurement start is replaced by the option to continue in measurement. If the operator chooses to continue, the resumed test is continued, with the time between the scales being reflected. If the operator selects a new measurement, the previously measured data are deleted, the setting is retained and offered to the operator.

The TRIAX and SMYK programs differ each other in the number of channels and measuring stations, the organization of the measured data and, above all, the measured quantity.  

Measuring board driver

The driver is dynamic link library, cooperating with all installations of SMYK and TRIAX measuring programs. It maintains a queue of requests for those activities to which it cannot respond immediately (especially measurement requirements). When the request is made, it sends a Post Message to the MS-Windows caller window, which causes the original driver to be activated.

A program for creating a floppy disk

It works under the MS-Windows operating system and is designed to create a floppy disk with selected data files from tests. All data of one sample are always copied.

ARCHIVE program

The program under the MS-DOS operating system is designed to transfer data files recorded on a floppy disk to an archive. At the same time, the program will merge data from several tests of one sample into a pair of data files, which are saved in the working directory for further processing.

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