A pair of systems designed to measure lamp warming in accordance with EN 60598-1 ed.5. This system replicates older systems that have been used for about 4 years, also from our company. At the same time, the new system is making some changes so that they can be applied to older systems.
Physically, each system consists of three parts: a multimeter, an electronics box, and a computer with a program. These parts are interconnected via a computer LAN.
The measuring instrument Keithley 2700/E is the basis of the system. The instrument includes a precision digital multimeter and a pair of 20-channel differential multiplexers with cold-end thermocouple temperature sensing. Inputs are insulated each other as well as from the housing and are led to the connector box – see figure. Keithley measuring instrument is connected with the computer via an RS232 line, which is converted to Ethernet in the electronics box. In the same way, an RS232 signal is generated for a programmable power supply that powers the lamp during the test.

svstupní konektory

The system is complemented by a pair of Adam 6066 modules, which are also connected to the Ethernet (LAN), to control the measured lamp and to create non-standard states in it, but also to control the heating in the test chamber. Each of them provides six relays with 250V 5A contacts. These contacts are strengthened by power relays (contactors). All contactors are powered via the Total STOP button, which pushes all contactors into the idle position and thus disconnects the measuring circuit and discharges any charges in case of emergency.

Control program is is created in three layers, each of them is accessible to the operating personnel.

The base layer allows working in so-called normal operation, when the program performs prepared activities that are in accordance with the standard and carry out the lamp test in accordance with it. In this layer, it is also possible to define individual tests, ie. the sequence of steps that compose the test. The resulting test definitions can be saved in a file for further use.

In the lower layer it is possible to manually control certain parts of the measurement. For example, operator can measure all channels, but also define all measured channels and their properties. Basically, in this layer it is an option to set up and test the individual measurement components that compose the normal operation.

In the lowest layer there is the possibility of direct control of individual components of the measuring system. In this layer it is possible to switch individual relay contacts or directly control and change all the possibilities of the Keithley multimeter or power source.

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