For the door stress test station, a cylinder of up to 12 kN with a 330 mm path of the lowest possible weight was delivered. It can be connected to existing customer measurement systems based on imc Berlin modules and programs. The customized standard electric actuator was used (shortening to 14 “). It is product of the Exlar company, intended for loading forces up to 15.4 kN and range of 350 mm. Complemented is with a standard digital servo amplifier AKD. Due to the specificity of the test, a displacement was achieved with a minimum speed in the range of 0.3 mm/s.

In addition, a pair of cylinders with minimum dimensions was required to replace a pneumatic lift (spindl) in the vehicle, while producing a force of up to 4 kN on each of them at a stroke of up to 300 mm. These cylinders are also connectable to the customer’s existing system. A pair of con50 linear motors was used. The stroke of each motor is 300 mm, force 4.5 kN, unloaded speed 4 mm/s, installation length 255 mm. This actuator excels with small size and low weight. Each motor is equipped with a feedback position sensor (Hall sensor), which, in conjunction with the corresponding electronics, allows synchronous operation of both motors even under load with different forces (ie. without twisting the measured part). These cylinders were completed with custom electronics created by Limasoft company based on Omron modules.

Both cylinders are connected to the existing customer system via CANbus, which the system is equipped with. In the case of a large cylinder, it uses CANopen protocol, for small cylinders it is a proprietary protocol. For the existing measuring system, we created measuring programs in imc Studio, that allow to manage the entire test:

  • definition of measured channels, ranges, measuring direction,
  • regulation setting (constant speed, constant increase of force, movement),
  • setting the measurement scenario – limit forces or shifts, delays between measurement steps,
  • manual movement of actuators, unloading, descent to standard position, etc.

Even though the customer is provided with ongoing support and customization, the program is open to the customer for further customization by himself as well.

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